What’s Happening in October???

Hey Babes!

October is finally here!!! Lets get all these excitements & plans started. If you are unsure on what to do in October, here are a list of things that I gather on what you can do with your friends of family. I find this list very fun, but important to do in October, especially with the upcoming holidays.

Babes, you can start anywhere on the list that you want, but first, movie nights are a must. What a great way to catch up on a season of your favorite shows or spend quality times with your close ones. With all the fun things aside, babes, you have to start thinking about budgeting for the upcoming holidays & staying healthy.  I know it can be a pain or difficult to where or how you should start, but I am here for you. This is just a list to get you started for October, but stay tune for more blog posts about how to budget and maintain your weight during this wonderful time of the year.