Dry Hair? This Will Do!

Hey Babes!

I know its almost the weekend and I just wanted to share my favorite product that I am currently loving for my hair. Let’s not talk about how dry and damage my hair is from constantly bleaching it. I’ve tried many products to help with my damage hair and none really did work.  The little trick that I like to do to my hair to make it feel all nice and smooth is after I get out of the shower, I would apply the mask to where I feel it is most needed, which is usually the ends of my hair. Once my hair is all dried –that’s where the magic happens & no the mask won’t leave your hair feeling wet or sticky! My hair would feel amazingly nice, smooth, and super soft.

Have a Happy Easter!



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Yourbasicbabe is about a small-town babe, who moved to a big city (Sacramento), and yearns for new adventures & hoping to escape her 9-5 job. If you are feeling lost or empty and incomplete; I hope this blog can mean something for you.  Follow me on my journey from sharing affordable Beauty, Fashion, Wellness & personal content tips. I hope to give you babes some guidance & inspirations as I venture off to do the same for me as well. She sassy, classy, one & only YourBasicBabe!

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